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Our Content is based on true facts and research from several news articles and books, names of some locations and individuals may have been changed due to security reasons. all the information presented is matter of public records declassified by Ministery of defense, Govt of India, no classified information has been used or presented.

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Ghazwa - e - hind
Ghazwa - e - Hind
What is Ghazwa – e – Hind: Ghazwa e hind is a concept that has been derived from the Islamic religious book Hadith where the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Sallallahu wallahi Wa Sallam) that foretells a war in India between Muslims and infidels resulting in victory for the Muslims. And monotheism...
Kill lizards and get rewarded
Kill Lizards and get rewarded
The killing of lizards wherever they are either in their natural habitat or on the roads has become common for many years, I have noticed something weird where people especially those who belong to the Muslim community throw stones or hit a rod or a piece of wood ended up brutally killing lizards irrespective...
George Soror and Open Society foundation conspiracy
George Soros and Open Society foundation
George Soros According to many portals, he has been one of the prominent supporters of International democratic ideals and causes for more than 3 decades, some also consider him as world’s foremost philanthropist and activist who has given more than 32 billion of his fortune to the Open Society...
Ajme rape case
Sophie Girls Collage Rape Case
Today we are going to discuss Countries biggest rape cases neglected and delayed by courts and no justice have been given to the victims till date. In 1992, about 25 years ago, more than 250 Hindu girls of Sophia Girls’ School Ajmer were raped, who were not only gang-raped by implicating them...
8 - Ex Navy officers sentence to death Penalty by Qatar Courts
Why Qatar sentenced Death penalty to 8 former Indian Navy Officers
Eight former Indian Navy personnel who had been detained in Qatar for over a year were sentenced to death by a Qatar court on Thursday. These individuals, who were employed by a private firm at the time, were apprehended by the Qatari intelligence service in Doha in August of the previous year. Who...
Dark truth of Halal Industry
Dark truth of Halal Industry
What is Halal Industry The Halal economic system adheres to the laws and ethics established by Muslim God, and its traditions, and promotes sustainable use of economic resources is referred to as “halal economics/economy”. The term “halal economist” is used to describe an individual...
Dark Truth of Waqf board
Waqf Board and its agenda
Today we will talk about one of the heinous Acts (Waqf Board) passed by the Congress Government in 1954, the Congress and its Elite politicians, hatred towards Hindus has many phases and has been proved a number of times. Waqf Board Jawaharlal Nehru Govt passed the Waqf Board Act in 1954 which was...
India win over pak, kargil war
Israel supported India during the 1971 Indo-Pak War.
Israel supported India during the 1971 Indo-Pak War in a limited capacity, primarily by engaging in intelligence sharing and providing certain military equipment.
Janeu sanskar
Janeu Sanskar
Janeu is called Yagyopaveet in the Sanskrit language. it is a sacred thread made of three-thread yarn, which a person wears over the left shoulder and below the proper arm. that is, it’s far put around the neck in this sort of way that it stays above the left shoulder. The three threads in the...
Sikhs moving to christianity
The total Sikhs population around the world is estimated to be 26 to 30 million Approximately out of which 24 million Sikhs reside in various states of India. According to the Census Report 2011, the population estimated was 20 million and there has been a significant increase in the population.