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The total Sikhs population around the world is estimated to be 26 to 30 million Approximately out of which 24 million Sikhs reside in various states of India.

According to the Census Report 2011, the population estimated was 20 million and there has been a significant increase in the population.

If we look at the present situation in Punjab which holds the majority of Sikhs, there has been a rapid increase in the conversion ratio of Sikhs converting to Christianity but the question is whether yes or no majority of Sikhs who converted to Christianity still have Sikh as religion on papers but intend to practice and follow Christianity.

Therefore, the population figures shown above are still questionable


We have a few examples of Sikhs who converted to Christianity but still have the same religion on record

  1. Monty Singh (46yr): He said even though he is a Sikh on paper but he feels Christian at heart
  2. Happy Kaur (22yr):  She is also on the list of people who converted to Christianity but still have the Sikh religion on paper.

However, there are many, and are likely to be increased from 1.5% (last recorded in the 2011 census report) to 15% in the coming years.


Demographic changes in the state have increased since the last census that was announced 12 years ago, however, these changes are now increasing drastically at the national level which is a big reason to worry.

Hindu organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, and other unknown Hindu organizations are alarming everyone on the national level it doesn’t matter if they belong to Sikhs or a Hindu community.

There are many articles or news you may have heard about that the churches are being attacked but as per Article 14 reports it’s only a conspiracy theory that is spreading across the country.

During the time of lockdown, missionaries have converted more than 1 lakh people and built more churches compare to the last 25 years in just 1 year of the pandemic, Most of the people were from the weaker section suffering from financial crises.


There are many organizations that are working towards building churches and spreading the word of the bible with a massive amount of funds that they receive from around the world.

Unfoldingword is one of the organizations that operated during the lockdown even though they were not able to meet people publicly outside, they started praying for the unsaved people that they know about, and from there they started following up by WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

According to the sources such organizations were encouraging every church and 10 individuals to spread the help to villages and start converting them to Christianity, it was also said that around 50,000 villages were adopted by these converting mafias during the lockdown.

Another successful step in doing the massive conversion is by translating the bible text through JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service) which helps in translating the languages according to the targeted area.

Om(Operation Mobilisation) is an organization that works towards planting churches with the help of National churches to arrange public meetings, and events to train in missions which work for adding more people down the line.

Joshua Project is a website that gives information related to the etiological condition data of all communities along with population, obstacles, and Occupation to create a systematic way to convert everyone.

There are other missionary groups like RAN which gets students from all over India and give them Biblical education after completing the education they return back to their own communities and form a link with the local churches after which with the help of monthly gifts and salary they are motivated and are placed in church planting group.

According to a few reports, there are more than 110 Evangelical organizations with a mission to build churches across India with highly motivated workers with objectives to convert thousands of people every year.


Pastor Rajinder Singh (Arrested for raping women), Raju Rangila, Ankur Narula, and Deepti are currently working towards spreading Christianity across India through some superstitious healing activities and mostly The Dalits from both Hindu and Sikh communities are being targeted.


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