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Dark truth of Halal Industry

What is Halal Industry

The Halal economic system adheres to the laws and ethics established by Muslim God, and its traditions, and promotes sustainable use of economic resources is referred to as “halal economics/economy”. The term “halal economist” is used to describe an individual who upholds the principles of halal economics/economy.

Halal, derived from Arabic, signifies permissibility. A product that bears the Halal certification indicates its compliance with Islamic law, making it permissible and acceptable. To obtain this certification, products must originate from an approved source, such as a cow or chicken, and undergo slaughter in accordance with these laws.

The global halal economy is valued at slightly more than $2 trillion. In India, the halal economy is estimated to be worth approximately $100 billion and is experiencing rapid growth. The assurance of safety standards has emerged as a pressing concern for consumers.

Halal Industry anti-India agenda

The article published by The Hindu clearly stated that Hindu Janjagruti Samiti in one of the press conferences mentioned that the industry which was only restricted to meat eating by Muslims has now been extended to various sectors are now posing a threat to the Indian economy as the Majority of it are being shared to other countries.

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