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Sophie Girls Collage Rape Case

Today we are going to discuss Countries biggest rape cases neglected and delayed by courts and no justice have been given to the victims till date.

In 1992, about 25 years ago, more than 250 Hindu girls of Sophia Girls’ School Ajmer were raped, who were not only gang-raped by implicating them in love jihad/love trap.

Rather, every girl was raped and asked to bring her friend/sister-in-law/sister, etc., creating a complete rape chain system in which nude pictures of victims were also used commercially.

Farooq Chishti, Nafees Chishti, and Anwar Chishti were the main accused in this rape case who were also strong leaders of Congress.

These were the same people who were responsible for the maintenance of Khwaja Chishti Dargah. These were the same people who considered themselves to be the descendants of Chishti. The administration also had to think before laying hands on them. Despite knowing these things in the inner house, the veil remained on it.

At that time digital cameras were not reels, which had to be removed from the studio, that place also belonged to Muslims, and they also raped them It is also said that these girls of the school were being used commercially, if someone had to get some work done, he would have handed over these girls to them, due to which politicians, government officials were also involved in raping!

Later on, more people got involved in blackmailing. In the end, there were a total of 18 blackmailers. The rapists are three times as many. This is only official data and later their Muslim neighbour’s also raped them.

In reality, it was many times more than this. Among these people was the owner of the lab as well as the technician who developed the photos from the negative. These blackmailers not only raped themselves but also “oblige” others close to them.

It was considered India’s biggest sex scandal ever. But whoever came forward to fight, he would be intimidated and seated, the voluntary organization that raised his voice also had to run away. The officers saved the accused by citing that there should be no communal tension.

More than 400 local journalists started harassing the family members so that the matter did not spread, sometimes the family members were threatened with death, then the entire family was raped and looted.

The fear of the Chishti family of the Khadim (caretaker) of Ajmer Sharif Dargah was such that many of the girls whose photographs were taken committed suicide. In a span of time, 6-7 girls committed suicide.

Journalists who tried to expose it were killed, and the police were killed. Neither the society was coming forward, nor their family members. The ‘Candle Gang’ of that time was also supporting the accused instead of girls. Depressed, these girls took a step like suicide. It was scary to commit suicide of girls from the same school together.

All the girls were minors and innocent Hindu girls studying in 10th, and 12th. Surprisingly, among the raped girls were also daughters of IAS, IPS.

All this was done by taking obscene photos. First one girl, then another, and by doing this, this act happened with more than 250 girls. These girls were not from any poor or middle-class helpless homes, but girls coming from well-known houses of Ajmer.

That era was not of social media but of paid/sold media. Then who remembers the news of twenty-five thirty years old?

This was the news that was suppressed by the Congress leaders for the politics of vote and appeasement. Despite the efforts of some police officers and a few women’s organizations, the girls’ families were not coming forward out of fear.

Due to the connections of the people involved in this gang with Congress leaders and dreaded criminals and Chishtis, people did not open their mouths. Later, the faces of thirty girls were recognized through photos and videos.

They went and talked. They were asked to file the case but many families refused in the name of slander in the society. Only twelve girls agreed to file the case.

Later, ten of these girls withdrew after receiving threats. Only the remaining two girls took the case forward. These girls recognized sixteen men.

Eleven people were arrested by the police. The district court sentenced eight people to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, one of the main accused, Farooq Chishti, was given a sentence of only 10 years by presenting a certificate of not having mental balance and saving him from the death penalty.

None of the Chishtis, the perpetrators of the Ajmer rape case, are in jail now. Rest you can keep adding, 10 years for one rape, how much should have been about 250 rapes?

The Rajasthan government had then even applied to the Supreme Court to reduce the punishment of the accused.

The Kathua rape case was defamed as temple rape, Hindu rapist, sorry that today no media person calls it rape by Khadi men of Dargah and Muslim rapist!

I want to ask, will the Hindus who prayed at Khwaja’s tomb ask this question to the Khwaja where were they when hundreds of girls were being plundered by their own descendants?

Whose wish were you fulfilling? Those who make vows at the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti should consider whether they are committing sin by going there.

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