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George Soros and Open Society foundation

George Soros

According to many portals, he has been one of the prominent supporters of International democratic ideals and causes for more than 3 decades, some also consider him as world’s foremost philanthropist and activist who has given more than 32 billion of his fortune to the Open Society Foundation around the world.

Soros when settled in the United States accumulated a huge fortune through International investment funds which he founded and managed and has funded black students to attend Cape Town University in South Africa,

Later he established a network of philanthropic organizations that are working to promote the values of democracies and open society for more than 5o countries.

But what about the facts, is he really working towards the betterment of society, well the above claims are true only on the papers and for the people who are getting monthly salaries from George Soros, presstitute media have stooped so low that they never fail in hiding the agenda that are being planned under the carpet, systematic dismantling of developing countries are his next big things.

George Soros’s foundations plant separatist mindsets in all countries to break their cultural and economic foundation.

The threads above can destabilize any country by planting and funding anti-nationals of their own country against a democratically elected government that is working towards the betterment of the country, The only agenda is to bring and monopolize the gov’t where they can move freely and run their agenda without any restrictions.

Elon Musk’s Statement on George Soros

Elon Musk has exposed how George Soros and his NGOs contribute to demolishing civilization around the world.

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