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Kill Lizards and get rewarded

The killing of lizards wherever they are either in their natural habitat or on the roads has become common for many years, I have noticed something weird where people especially those who belong to the Muslim community throw stones or hit a rod or a piece of wood ended up brutally killing lizards irrespective of their sizes which later on made me think hundreds of times that despite of having such a small size how these creatures are being killed mercilessly. It was completely unexpected that the children in the age group of 4 and above were also misguided by their elders and motivated with different stories that if they kill lizards it’s equivalent to building a mosque in the name of hadith(A holy book made by the prophet Mohammad as a source of guide Muslims). Many stories came from 1400 years ago justifying the reason which is completely uneasy to digest and in the era where everyone today is educated enough to apply the logic without any requirements of educational backgrounds or any documents still the majority of them are brainwashed to kill these creatures seamlessly wherever they are found, so let’s dive In some of the stories that were circulated on the web and mostly deep into the mind of so called educated society

  1. It was said that 1400 years ago  Hazrat Ibrahim  who  was considered as a messenger of god  was running away from the ruling king called Namrud to save his life has found a mosque in the way where he can hide himself later on when he went on hiding in the mosque there was a lizard which was making sound in the direction where Hazrat Ibrahim (Messanger of the god ) was hiding himself which unfortunately got noticed by the ruling king Namrud baadshah  and decided to go in the same direction and caught him, the king took Hazrat Ibrahim along with him to his kingdom and decided to throw him in a burning fire  but as he was a messenger of god  there were many creatures  who  were their such as lizards, tortoise ,spider and a bird and by the grace of almighty Allah the weather got changed and started raining the bird which was there started collecting the droplets and drops on to the burning fire to stop but at the same time the lizard started mouth fire  which prevented the fire from extinguishing   but somehow by the blessings of  Allah he was safe, there are many other stories also circulating around the internet.
  2. When I was around 14 years I remember my father shared a  story where there was a war that was created between Hindus and Muslims many years ago due to some antinational elements who provoked everyone in the name of religion. It’s a very short story most of the things I will not be able to cover up since it was long back when Hindus dominated the Muslims and were forced to run for their life some of them found a deep well that was empty without water with some hope they decided to hide inside the well and unfortunately, few spiders constructed and covered the well full of the web which prevented and safeguarded them for a while but later on there was one lizard which was shaking his head up and down indicated that there is someone hidden under the deep well after some time all of them were brutally killed and thrown into the same well.

This story is not intended to hurt any religious sentiments as it’s just a collection of things found on the internet that has majorly affected misguided and motivated people to kill such a precious species. When I say precious it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the subspecies of lizards are endangered but few are.

After going through all these stories one can easily figure out how easy it is for people to understand and believe in something which doesn’t exist.

Few stories talk about lizards being killed because of their toxic nature which at least, sensible reason to kill if they are harming you. People should at least know that there are almost 4,675 species that are found throughout the world. A few of them are highly toxic and can kill a person getting close to them but the majority of them are toxic to a certain level that cannot harm a human life.

Lizards have developed this characteristic of toxicity as a way to protect themselves from their regular predator example: snakes, frogs, etc..

The majority who are being killed by humans are wall lizards or else we also refer to it as geckos found in home walls.

Garden lizards are the second most lizards that are being killed in a larger amount

Chameleons are the easiest target to kill because of their slow-motion walk

None of the above lizards have poisons that can affect a human life the only thing that they do is bite which is felt just like a pinch and nothing more than that.

Kindly spread this to everyone so that at least people can know these facts and stop killing

these little creatures. In my next blog, I will share some details about the lizards who

harmful to human life and their existence

4  venomous lizards in the world you need to be careful

In my previous blog, we discussed the cruelty that humans have been doing for many years either due to some individual influence or religious views, and have also brought some stories which clearly show and disclose the reality of a brainwashed society that doesn’t understand the fact and logic and ended themselves making this unacceptable killing.

Today we are going to discuss about 5 dangerous lizards that are dangerous to a certain level according to their shapes and sizes, the main reason for writing this blog is to make understand and educate people which are real deal that can harm a human life.

Gela Monsters: These creepy-looking monsters are dangerous-looking lizards that are harmful to a human’s life up to a certain extent.

It has a strong jaw, and teeth with a masculine body which enables it to have a strong grip on its victim’s very painful bodies, it is said that its teeth have some grooves which is used to inject venom into the victim’s body when it starts chewing the bitten area ending up with a nerve poisoning.

With this, I hope people who are planning to keep these lizards as pets should have a proper captivated area with proper guidance and knowledge however we do not entertain captivating any creature

These types of lizards can grow up to 2 to 2.5 feet and with a max of up to 5 pounds of weight they are considered to have an aggressive nature despite that their existence is now compromised due to human interference with their natural habitat

These creatures have some great defensive mechanisms where the moment they find something coming near to them they feel the vibration due to which they either hide themselves in the mud or else they start behaving aggressively.

PRECAUTION:  According to the information there is no antivenom for their poison to be treated the only way is by washing the wound with water and immobilizing the affected at heart level also kindly check if there are any teeth which are left in the wound or not

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