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Ghazwa – e – Hind

What is Ghazwa – e – Hind: Ghazwa e hind is a concept that has been derived from the Islamic religious book Hadith where the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Sallallahu wallahi Wa Sallam) that foretells a war in India between Muslims and infidels resulting in victory for the Muslims. And monotheism and Sharia law will be implemented.

The systematic approach towards Ghazwa e Hind

There are three systematic approaches through which Islam was able to spread over 57 countries

  1. Dar al-Harb: Dar al-Harb, or the ‘house of war’ in Islam, denotes regions where Islamic practices are not freely allowed and where Muslims may face persecution for their beliefs. It specifically refers to areas outside of Islamic rule where practicing Islam is challenging due to a lack of acceptance or tolerance towards the religion.
    • Countries like China have already started working on these radicals and they have understood that they have to be calm and obey the govt rules and regulations, however, they never forget their intentions
    • Human rights groups say that hundreds of thousands of Chinese Muslims have been interned, surveilled, and maltreated. Reports of forced abortion and sterilization, organ harvesting, forced relocations and labor, and child separation are common, mosques are converted into toilets.
    • India and other secular countries allow equal rights to minorities, however, India has the highest population when it comes to Muslims and has increased drastically.
    • India has the third-biggest Muslim population in the world, with an estimated 204 million Muslims (as of 2019). It also has the largest Muslim-minority population worldwide. In the world, 10.9% of Muslims live in India.
    • Systematic approaches that they follow, Love Jihad, Land Jihad other ecosystems that contribute to stone pelting, Mob lynching, Victim Cards, News portals, leftist Youtubers inside and outside India
  2. Dar al Aman: If the non-Muslim government permits the construction of mosques and the practice of the Islamic faith, that territory can be deemed as Dar ul Aman, which translates to “Land of Safety.” (Non -Muslim government allows mosques to be created and allows Muslims to pray and practice their faith, then that land would be considered Dar ul Aman)
  3. Dar al-Islam refers to the region where Muslims constitute most of the population and are governed by Islamic principles. In this land, Muslims can freely practice their religion and uphold their customs and culture. It is a state where non-Muslims will not be allowed to follow their customs and rituals and if they want to they have to pay jizya (Islamic tax) or else either die or convert to Islam. Example : Lebanon: Know how it started

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