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“The Conversion” breeding cult exposed

The Conversion Poster


The Conversion is a 2 hrs. 14 min duration Movie that was released on the 6th of May. The movie is based on the reality that revolves around the religious conversions and the atrocities done on non-Muslim girls who fell into the love trap of fanatic Muslims who use their fake religious identity as a weapon known as Love Jihad.

Director Vinod Tiwari and the filmmakers struggled for almost one month. After a proper certification, the Censor Board issued a green signal to bring this sensitive movie to the silver screens. This is how Vinod Tiwari took the blessings of girls during the occasion of Kanya Pujan for his Movie.

Vinod Tiwari in one of his recent interviews with Zee news Madhya Pradesh has clearly said that the Kerala high court has already proved that religious conversions and Love Jihad are happening in large numbers therefore the movie is based on real incidents and doesn’t really need much evidence to prove.

Cast and Crew

Lead Roles

  1. Vindhya Tiwari as Sakshi played the role of a Hindu Brahmin girl and the victim of Love Jihad.
  2. Prateek Shukla as Bablu played the role of a Muslim (Iqbal sheik) boy who used a Hindu Name to trap Sakshi in Love Jihad

Other Roles

  1. Ravi Bhatia as Dev a Hindu boy who fell in love with Sakshi, Dev played the role of a responsible Hindu boy who tried every possible way to make her understand the love trap.
  2. Vibha Chibber played the role of Sakshi’s mother.
  3. Manoj Joshi Played the role of Sakshi’s father
  4. Sunita Rajwar
  5. Amit Behl
  6. Sandeep Yadav
  7. Sushil Singh


  1. DIRECTOR : Vinod Tiwari
  2. PRODUCERS : Raj Nostrum, Raj Patel, Vipul Patel,
  3. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : Vishnu Bansal
  4. WRITER : Vandana Tiwari, Rakesh Tripathi,
  5. MUSICIAN : Anamika Chauhan
  6. CINEMATOGRAPHER : Navneet Beohar
  7. EDITOR : Sanjay Sankla


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Din Hai Wedding WalaAltaaf Sayyed & Anamika ChauuhanAltaafAtiya Sayyed
Kitne Majboor Ho GayeAnamika ChauhanKailash KherVandana Tiwari


Budget: Estimated budget to release this movie is less than 10.00 crore

World Wide box office collection till 10th of May: 9.40 crore estimated collection


The Movie is recommended for all Non-Muslim girls for their safety, this movie is not just a movie it’s a lesson for all the girls who are the Victims of Love Jihad and Girls who are in a relationship with a person without being aware of their religious identity. Be aware and make others aware to watch this Movie.

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