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What is Hindu Rashtra

The son of an elder Seth had bloodshed, Seth went to the most capable lawyer in the country, but Seth saw that this man is wearing a simple dress and is also simple in English pronunciation. This simple man did not embrace Seth. Then they met a suit-tie, fluent English-speaking lawyer and appointed him as their lawyer.

The fate of those who read the book after seeing the cover, the same thing happened here, Seth’s boy was hanged.

Something similar happened in India in 1947. Instead of an ordinary-looking Hindu, a secular English mind was given the command of this country. Then this country has seen that orgy of secular people in 1947 that the eyes are filled with shame.

The country has paid a huge price for these secularists. Not the Hindu litigants, the partition of the country was accepted by the secular people, and the Hindu litigants did not betray the country, but Chachaji had gifted the country’s land to the enemies first in 1948 and then in 1962. Which is called Hinduwadi. The merger of Junagadh and Hyderabad in the country was a matter of the same leader’s power otherwise these two states would have become cancer today.

Here M does not want to quote Mathai, but it is true that the gentleman, who is called an example of secularism, did not even bother to see that in the affair of his luxury, how did he give 29% of land to 16% of the people in the form of Pakistan Perhaps that gentleman loved his love more than patriotism, only then gave a part of Kashmir as a gift to Pakistan.

At the behest of Edwina Mountbatten, the Kashmir issue was taken to the UN and this is not the statement of M O Mathai but the daughter of Lord Mountbatten. It was this secular leader who left millions of people to die at the hands of butchers in Pakistan because they didn’t belong to their favorite class? Because they were more concerned about their image than the lives of these people. When the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice was present in the country, even then our Mr. Azad Hind Fauj Scam (1948-49), Jeep Scam (1948), and LIC Scandal are witnesses to the fact that they too had black hands in coal brokerage. Where was Nehru on Direct Action Day, where was Congress Seva Dal?

listen to the exploits of other secular people also.

The hands of these secular people are also stained with the blood of lakhs of people. In 1978, the secular government of Bengal massacred thousands of Hindus, then in 1984, it was the secular people who massacred thousands of unarmed people.

If there is any calamity in the country, they are not seen anywhere secular, even in 1947, when these people were sitting in the aspect of their own love, then who were the Hindus, who were to help the displaced people? It was Indira Ji who served in the judiciary and in the army. Political appointments were also justified. It was Indira ji who had imprisoned many innocent people during the Emergency, flouting the Constitution. It was Indira Ji whose son Sanjay had wreaked havoc that even today people’s souls tremble. Then other secular sons went a step further. This country, witness to the massacre of more than three thousand innocent – unarmed Sikhs, the country cried bitterly after seeing the exploits of these secular people. Everyone will remember the scams of UPA I & UPA II, maybe these secular people have a normal stomachs. Does not fill with income.

From independence till today, these intellectuals have been ruling in most parts of the country including Bengal and Kerala. From law and order to industry and common people, everyone has been a victim of the hooliganism of this so-called secular class.

If secularism means supporting terrorist Yakub Menon or tukde tukde gang, then it is a million times better to be a Hindu than that. Selling the country for votes, if it is secularism, then I consider it better to be a Hindu. If the slogan of azaadi from Hindus is secularism or only the name will survive –Secularism is the only slogan, so that’s Mubarak to you, my religion has not taught me to destroy or insult other’s religion.

With the Kathua incident, you start defining the “Hindu” society, but when it comes to that society, why do you have a lock in your tongue, which has committed more than lakhs of rapes in India? Then the Chief Minister of Delhi, who gave five lakh assistance to the rapist of the Nirbhaya case, was also secular. what would you tell them?

About Hindu-Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra.

A Hindu is one who gives as much respect to a spoken relationship as to himself. A Hindu is one who respects other religions as much as his own.

Hindutva is that in which a person is not a slave of God, not a servant, but has the ability to be God himself. In which God is only a means for his salvation.

If the question is ‘Hindu Rashtra’, then it will be noticed that before the arrival of the invaders, this country was a Hindu nation and then no one’s daughter-in-law was raised. Where your worship is not the method but merit is the basis of life, not by looking at the hat, but by looking at the qualities, the person is judged.

Maharana Pratap, the pride of Hindus, had safely delivered Rahim’s wife and children to his house, everyone lived with respect in his kingdom, and one of his generals was a Muslim. Shivaji also took great care of the respect of women and children, even if they were from the enemy family. For your information, let me tell you, on the other hand, the wife and daughters of Prithviraj Chauhan were picked up.

Secularism is a very big word in this country and to magnify it, the word Hindu started being presented as a demon, the bigger the demon the bigger the hero to save it, and that is why all the thieves and thieves in the name of anti-Hinduism are called secular. started leaving, Terrorists have no religion, those who say that rapists have religion, those who justify corruption and riots, and those who do casteist politics also started being called secular. There was a competition to abuse Hindus.

That is why it is still time for the public to understand that for these followers of Raja Mansingh, secularism is nothing but selfishness, another name for convenience. Opposing Hindutva is a sham to hide one’s cowardice of not standing by the truth.

This country is also sad like that Seth, I wish the right man would have been chosen at that time. May it not happen that you should also mourn tomorrow that why could not understand the reality of these secular people in time.

That’s why always be alert for these political thugs. Secular people are crooked lunatics, They are well aware

When, how, and where to hunt. Secular has always been a clever instrument in the game of politics, And innocent heart Hindu ” Abhimanyu

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