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Kamal Hassan spews venom on Hinduism again

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Kamal Hassan one of the most prominent superstars during the ’80s and ’90s in the Indian Tamil Cinema industry is known for making controversial Hindu hatred comments for decades, in his recent interview Kamal Hassan said “ There is no religion called Hindu during Raja Raja Cholan times.

Kamal Hassan has ruled the industry for several years with his versatile acting and a few blockbuster movies mostly based on the Hindu religion but there’s always a dark side to what is being depicted and what is being practiced, here is the video that shows it all.

The Cutting clearly shows that he became a member of a Christian missionary and then started propagating Christianity for money and has also said that he will spread a fake narrative against Hinduism as much as possible.

Kamal Hassan’s confession to spread Christianity for money

India is known for its diversity of various cultures and then mostly “freedom of speech” which nowadays is weaponized and is being frequently used by Urban Naxals like kamal Hassan and various others to mock and defame one of the most ancient native cultures of India “Hindu”.

A piece of news published by (Source: Economictimes) on 1st May 2002, stated that Kamal Hassan was prevented from boarding a flight at Toronto airport in Canada because of his Islami-sounding name, later he pleaded and said that he is Hindu after which he was finally let off.

This incident is a clear example of how a converted opportunist uses “Hindu” religious identity as per their convenience, Making money out of movies based on Hinduism and then mocking it at the same time is the next level of psuede secularism.

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