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Palghar incident repeated in Sangli, Maharashtra

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Attack on Sadhus in Sangli Maharashtra

A group of locals attacked 4 Hindu saints, on suspicion of being child lifters in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. This incident is now viral on all social media. Sangli police said that the Sadhus have no longer lodged any legal complaint yet.

The incident passed off in Lavana village in Jat tehsil while four sadhus from Uttar Pradesh have been riding from Bijapur in Karnataka to the temple town of Pandharpur. On Monday, they stopped outdoors at a temple within the Lavana village. in keeping with police reliability, when they continued their travel on Tuesday, they asked for directions from local strangers. This caused some locals to think that they are criminals who Kidnape youngsters.

There has been an argument after which the sadhus were beaten up with sticks by locals. The police stated that after they arrive on the spot, they got to know that sadhus were surely the members of an ‘Akhada’ in Uttar Pradesh.

Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam condemned the incident and has said that the state authorities will now not tolerate such “misbehavior” with the sadhus. He stated that the accused will face harsh punishment from the authorities.

Prior to this incident sadhus killing case in Palghar, Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s government had done injustice to the Sadhus. but the present Maharashtra government will now not allow any injustice towards any sadhus,” He also said referring to the 2020 incident wherein tow of Hindu saints were beaten to death by a mob of more than 100 in numbers in Maharashtra’s Palghar district who were members of Juna Akhara and their driver aged 30yrs on April 16, 2020, was also beaten to death. The cops had been present at the incident; however, they did nothing to forestall the mob or keep the sadhus.

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